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The more knowledge we gain of ourselves 

the more freedom we have



For over 25 years Amaryllis has been working in the spiritual field helping clients all over the world discover their own potential through channelling direct messages from the subconscious mind (our higher self) and the spiritual world.


After a car crash at nineteen years old and discovering that it was her ancestors who developed The College of Psychic Research in 1806 she was led away from her modelling career and pushed into a world that was unknown to her but made so much sense to clients whom she began seeing and giving sessions for. 

During many healing courses and teaching people how to develop their intuition more Amaryllis has set up a private practice that helps people all over the globe, giving them guidance to enable people to have a life with more clarity and peace of mind. 


With the world suffering from anxiety, grief and a number of directionless instabilities, her clients reach out to ask for assistance in their decisions as to which directions to take, and how to accomplish them. 


She offers her services through Skype, phone and face to face sessions. From working with many actors and celebrities she has been able to predict and guide others to make positive choices and help them achieve these goals they are working towards. 


Her private sessions aim to elevate the energy of others bringing confidence, empowerment and a sense of purpose. Among general readings Amaryllis offers guidance and a structure to provide you to have a lifestyle where you are able to connect to your own true purpose. 


The tools she uses are varied tuning into the deep subconscious mind and relaying its mysteries. It has been said that it is the subconscious mind that is 100 thousand times more powerful than the conscious mind. 


Amaryllis believes that our minds all hold the power when awakened to heal and provide understanding to themselves if they are connected to the body. 




House Clearing


Homes are sanctuaries but also portholes for what they and we carry energetically into.As we humans hold negativity so do our homes from past and present ongoings.

Horse Healing


Amaryllis has grown up around horses since birth & after her car accident aged 19 found a remarkable way of communicating with them understanding what their issues in both behaviour & health.

Auric Body Cleansing


Clients book this session when they feel they need a cleansing to rid bad energy being sent to them or negative relationships that keep repeating themselves.

Personal Reading


During a session psychic and healing energy will be translated from Amaryllis and your chakra system will be worked on remotely. 

Vitamin & Health Dowsing


The dowsing technique scans the body looking at the bloods, hormonal levels, physical, emotional aspects and what maybe lacking or overriding the system.



"I was introduced to Amaryllis by a friend of both of ours as I had an unbelievably talented horse, but who sadly had a very troubled past. Amaryllis was able to instantly understand his whole back story and it was extraordinary the knowledge she was able to depict from her touch. It was very emotional to watch."

Bubby Upton  - British rider, U25 rider European Champion 

"Amaryllis was instrumental in helping me fall pregnant after 18 months of trying. In fact, I fell pregnant the next month after her healing sessions. She has fantastic insights and advice. She even predicted my son's birthday correctly, several months before he was due. I was a bit sceptical as it was also my Mum's birthday, but she was right!"


"As well as being a lovely, kind person Amaryllis exudes an easy, warm manner which immediately puts one at ease. 

She is an incredible healer, her psychic awareness is so in tune with our mind body and spirit, she can read the picture in a multi faceted form whether in person or online. Amongst other insights into my life and future, she diagnosed an undetected under active thyroid."

Chica Herbert

"I was introduced to Amaryllis via a friend and from my very first meeting I knew she had an extraordinary intuition. Her perception, her ability to channel, scan and read the body is uncanny and her insight generally blows me away each time we chat or meet! In times of stress, or in times when I have needed that extra boost to see where life is going - she has been a huge help."

Emma Forbes

"Amaryllis came into my life when I needed her most… my good friend Mairead contacted me with a message from Amaryllis by way of spiritual hand….she helped me help my family through the most difficult time… what she told me she couldn’t possibly know…she is an angel, she is gifted and I am so grateful of her friendship."

Jo Wood



Please contact me via e-mail below. I shall endeavour to respond within 24hrs. Thank you so much.


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