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The joy is what is programmed

at the beginning of each piece



Amaryllis was given a vision whilst travelling home in 2017 to create healing portals through crystals for people’s homes and spaces. That week having never done art before and working as an intuitive for clients for the last 26 years she taught herself to make this “vision” into a physical form. The first art portal of Amethyst took a month and it was then that it struck Amaryllis that the crystals were so powerful they were elevating her whole senses just by touching them. She soon noticed the difference (being a sensitive) in moods and decided to create different colours of crystals for different moods. Uplifting energy, calming energy. These have been so popular with clients since the first month of creating a piece and she continues to work with people all around the world. Clients have been found to sleep after years of insomnia, felt happier after depression and more creative whilst living with her bespoke pieces. 

Everything carries an element of an emotion and Amaryllis intuitively programmes each stone from her experience as a healer and psychic. This unblocks your emotional biofield, physical bodies and aid’s so much abundance into your pathway. They each have a voice and maybe why some people  can be drawn to a certain crystal Stone and not another. It’s about learning to trust your gut, taking your brain out of the equation and feeling the emotion of joy through the stones. 


The joy is what is programmed by Amaryllis at the beginning of each piece. 

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"Having caught a glimpse of the amazingly talented artist Amaryllis Fraser's powerful Crystal Art, her passion, purpose and drive connects you instantly. The light, the energy, the shapes and colours create a huge depth of meaning that calms my mind and restores my soul at home. "

Lou Swallow

Interior Designer 


Please contact me via e-mail below. I shall endeavour to respond within 24hrs. Thank you so much.


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